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We offer consultancy services for setting up of Technology Labs in technical institute, Skill centers across India.


1. Designing of lab set up

2. Identification of Training needs

3. Deciding on right Training modules ( Curriculum , duration , assessments etc)

4. Designing of Training Programs

5. Selection of required training equipment

6. Training equipment Source identification

7. Proposal evaluation

8. Suggestion on quality supplier for the equipment.

9. Designing tender specifications ( technical).

10. Cost analysis

11. Cost optimization

12. Project management

Industrial Automation

⦿ PLC ⦿ HMI ⦿ SCADA ⦿ Drives And Control ⦿ Sensors


⦿ Pneumatics ⦿ Hydraulics ⦿ Integrated Mechatonics Systems ⦿ Pick And place ⦿ Modular Production System ⦿ Flexible Manufacturing System ⦿ Simulations

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

⦿ Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)⦿ Technology ⦿ SLS Technology ⦿ Stereolithography (SLA) ⦿ Digital Light Processing (DLP) ⦿ Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) ⦿ MultiJet printers ⦿ Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) ⦿ Electron Beam Melting (EBM) '

Advance Manufacturing

⦿ CNC Turning ⦿ CNC Milling ⦿ SNC Simulator ⦿ Software training '

Welding Technology


Reverse Engineering

⦿ Consultancy on labs set up on reserve engineering ⦿ 3D Scanner ⦿ CMM ⦿ Contour Measuring '

Industry 4.0 Technologies

⦿ Consultancy on setting up of lab on Industry 4.0 technologies '


⦿ Consultancy on lab setting up on IOT '

About Us

Technological advancements have given rise to the knowledge economy . Job roles are changing fast. Manufacturing is going to adopt transformational technologies to achieve scale and precision. The global market is going to decide the sustainability of any business. Only way is to move forward and proactively embrace changes to create the competitive advantage. Skillconsult is a start up providing consulting services to Skill Institutes, technical Institutions and Tool Rooms to set up Centre of Excellence ( CoE ) in specific technology domains like Industrial automation, Mechatronics , IoT etc.
  • Mission

    We strive to become one of the most trusted names in consulting services for Technology labs in India for specific domains .

  • values

    We value our association with our clients .

  • Philosophy

    We believe in contributing to the skill development initiatives in India . We work to support institutions in setting up the right lab with right training system to meet the intended objective.

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